Four reasons why you should go white water rafting in Kitulgala

White Water Rafting Sri Lanka

White water rafting Sri Lanka is an exhilarating experience that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. It is a sport that is suitable for anyone and quite safe with all the necessary safety gear, life jackets and modern equipment provided. Kitulgala white water rafting is the number one location in Sri Lanka, sourced by the Kelani River. The river has 5 major rapids in the upper section, while the lower section has 4 minor rapids.

The Challenge

In a world run by routine, it is always fun to break away once in a while. White water rafting allows you to challenge yourself into do something that is physically exerting, but not so much that it requires intense physical training or preparation. It does force you to push yourself to negotiate the rapids, to stay afloat, to reach your end destination. This is precisely what makes white water rafting perfect, the challenge that can be experienced by anyone, anytime.

Bonding experience

White water rafting is best as a group activity. It teaches you to work together to reach your goal. Again it is something you learn on the go, as you synchronise your efforts to reach the end destination. This is why white water rafting is a very popular outbound training activity. However, it is also brilliant for families and friends to enjoy some quality time together.

Sense of accomplishment

There is no denying the sense of accomplishment you feel at the end. For all of us, as humans, we thrive on success. At the end of your rafting experience, working together as a team, you will feel not only a strong camaraderie with your fellow rafters but a true sense of individual accomplishment as well. This feeling will help spur you to attend to your daily activities with renewed energy.

It’s Fun

Simply put white water rafting is fun. And a little bit of fun in life helps us to appreciate our normal lives so much more. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone with minimum preparation. It is an experience filled with adventure and excitement. The sheer thrill of negotiating the rapids will get your adrenaline pumping. When you go white water rafting in Kitulgala you will also enjoy experiences such as jumping off small waterfalls into natural pools and sliding down rocks to fall into natural plunge pools, all while being supervised by experienced guides. Start planning your Kitulgala white water rafting experience today.

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